The African Film Festival (TAFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to African motion pictures, and to serve as a platform for educative references to African Culture.

Due to financial constraints, many African filmmakers are not able to premiere their films in cities other than the one they reside in. TAFF will serve as a premiere opportunity for several filmmakers across the globe, whose films are selected for the festival. Some of the proceeds from the festival will be used to sponsor the less-privileged filmmakers aspiring to make African-related films. The first festival is to be held in July 2016.

TAFF was created to give the African independent filmmaker a platform to compete in the global market with established filmmakers. African films and its creators will have additional world stage, expanding the market for such films, and creating networking opportunities for seasoned and aspiring practitioners to commiserate on ideas and forge working relationships.

Filmmakers have opportunities for feedback. Each film will be reviewed by a panel of judges made up of industry professionals. Our team include the Executive Director, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Panel of Judges, Planning Committee, Staff Members, and Volunteers.


Our mission is to celebrate African culture through motion pictures; to address Social, Economic, Ethnic, Political, Religious, and Health issues that affect the continent; and to provide an equal platform for Independent African filmmakers to showcase and distribute their work on a global scale.


Our vision is to increase the availability of African films in non-African communities, universities, colleges and in public libraries as reference materials in the study of African culture, history, people, and issues.

The Team

Our team constitutes of the Executive Director, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Staff Members, Panel of Judges, Planning Committee, and Volunteers. Below are some of our team members:

Kelechi Eke

Kelechi Eke, MS, MBA
Executive Director

Kelechi is a Software Engineer and filmmaker. He is the creator of biGObi and the founder of The African Film Festival.

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim
TAFF Africa Director

Juliet Ibrahim is a Ghanaian filmmaker and humanitarian. She won the Best Actress award at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards.

Dr. Yazomam Ibekwe

Dr. Yazomam Ibekwe, Pharm.D
Marketing Director

Dr. Yaz is a Pharmacist and filmmaker. He is the founder of Townkrier Media, and the co-founder of ATeam branding company.

Adaku Uwandu

Adaku Uwandu, RN, BSN
Program Director

Adaku is a Registered Nurse, a professional photographer, and a prolific writer. She's the brainchild of Msadaku - a blogging site.

Edwin Ndukwe

Dr. Edwin Ndukwe
Global Media Director

Dr. Ndukwe is a Media and Communications guru with over 150 published articles globally and provides media solutions for corporations.

Denise O'Brien

Denise O'Brien
Public Relations Director

Denise O’Brien is an author, businesswoman, activist, and philanthropist. She is the founder of Dome Entertainment.

Dr. Chris Chinwe Ulasi

Dr. Chris Chinwe Ulasi
Film Critique Director

Dr. Ulasi is a professional communicator and the department director of Radio, Television and Film at Texas Southern University.

Brendah Beekay

Brendah Beekay
Volunteers Director

Brendah is a graduate of Texas Southern University. She is the founder of The George L. Mutua Foundation.

Sir Benjamin A. Onyango

Sir Benjamin A. Onyango
Advisory Board

Sir Benjamin is a Hollywood actor from Nairobi, Kenya. He is known for his work in Tears of the Sun and God's Not Dead.

Dr. Giraud Polite

Dr. Giraud Polite, Ph.D
Advisory Board

Dr. Polite is a professor and director of Visual Communications in one of America's colleges. He traces his roots back to Senegal, West Africa.

Uche Jombo

Uche Jombo
Advisory Board

Uche Jombo is award-winning Nigerian filmmaker. She is the Executive Director of UcheJombo Studios.

Dr. Remigus Ihekwaba

Dr. Remigus Ihekwaba, Ph.D
Advisory Board

Dr. Ihekwaba is the president of West Africa Texas Chamber of Commerce and RIA International Education Consultants.