Bed Of Thorns


Bih, a seventeen-year-old ophan from kom, a tribe in the North West region of Cameroon loses her parents when she gets her first school leaving certificate [FSLC]. Her desire to continue school is shadowed by poverty and the wicked mind of her uncle [Bobe Ngong] who forces her to stay with an old man [Bobe Tohsam], in preparation for marriage to pay off his debt. Bobe Tohsam rapes and traumatises Bih. Bih’s cousin, Ngam takes her into hiding with his friend, Yuh. He raises some money to pay for her school fees and the debt Bih was given for, but along the line, Ngam is poisoned by a friend because of a girl. Bih goes back to refund the money to Bobe Tohsam but he tells her that he no longer wants the money, but her hand in marriage. Bobe Tohsam forcefully takes her back. In another attempt to rape her, Bih mistakenly kills him. She rushes back to Yuh but Yuh rapes and chases her away. In pain, Bih goes back to their house and prepares poisonous concoction from some herbs. She then sits on her grave and drinks the concoction which kills her slowly
Genre: Drama

Country: Andorra