NOGOCHI is a fantasy adventure movie that takes place in Wassoulou region in Africa at the beginning of French colonization. A dramatic and mythical page of African history addressed for the first time in the cinema. NOGOCHI is the story of three protagonists who share an extraordinary past. SIBIRI is a young emancipated slave who fails on the African coastline after the wreck of his boat. He’s adopted by a Master Donso Hunter that will teach him all about Africa. He will be chosen by the spirits to carry out an exceptional mission. The magic amulet of their village has been stolen by a French renegade, the Colonel Pierre de Fontenoy. SIBIRI will hunt him down to get the magic amulet back, because if not well used, it’s power can be very dangerous. During the manhunt, they come across WARABA, who since the assassination of her family by the Colonel, has a wound so deep that she has gone back to the wild. SIBIRI, WARABA and the COLONEL struggle for their lives and freedom. They seek revenge, power and a bewitched fetish. But they are yet to know that their destinies are linked…
Genre: Drama

Country: Andorra