Whisperers and Witnesses: Primate Rescue, A Visual Journey


In this segment of “Visual Journeys” Wendy Stuart Kaplan and Alan Kaplan are traveling to Cameroon to explore the story of two extraordinary women, Rachel Hogan, Director of Ape Action Africa and Dr. Sheri Speede, Director of Sanaga Yong Chimpanzee Rescue and the selfless commitment they share. What makes them extraordinary? Both powerful women are actively saving Gorillas and Chimpanzees in the depths of the Cameroon jungle. Along the way the Kaplans meet some extraordinary people from Cameroon and the surrounding areas, who are fighting an irrefutable war against "bushmeat" in Africa. As we experience the commitment of these astonishing human-beings, and our connection to the primates, who share 98 percent of our DNA, you’ll be wondering, "How can we not save them?”, “What can we do now before it’s too late?" When your eyes connect with these formidable primates there is a deep, overwhelming connection that cannot be explained, much like love at first sight. Though, even harder to explain is how we can allow these beautiful creatures to be massacred in the name of profit and greed. This is the Journey the Kaplans are on. In Whisperers and Witnesses: Primate Rescue, Wendy and Alan are searching for answers, solutions and a way to get this imperative message out and make a ongoing change in the manner our primates are being depleted before they’re extinct altogether. To Donate: www.apeactionafrica.org & sychimprescue.org
Genre: Drama

Country: Andorra