Job Description

Screeners help the festival decide which films to show. They are to be committed, willing to watch various films, and willing to judge the films on merit (not their own taste). They are knowledgeable of all things film and able to discuss them in length. Screeners can come from any background and any part of the world! Our submissions are handled online, so all that is needed is good internet connection, commitment, and a passion for film!


  • Watch and judge 4 hours of film per week.
  • Contribute ratings and reviews for each film you watch
  • Ensure films meet submissions criteria


  • Knowledgeable about film, film history, and film theory, either through education or other experience
  • Self-motivated and reliable with deadlines
  • Skill with written communication
  • Understanding of our mission and values
  • A decent internet connection

Confidentiality and Ethics

Screeners may submit to the festival, but it is recommended not to. You may not give a rating on any festival that you, your family, or your romantic partner had any part in creating. You have a responsibility to exclude yourself from watching any film you feel you cannot impartially judge.

Language: Reports are to be written in English language.

Job Type: Part-time

Benefit: Screeners will receive All-Access to the film festival and two tickets for family or friends.