We are thankful for our filmmakers. Filmmaking can be a daunting undertaking for anyone. Amongst the many things to consider are the choice of compelling stories to tell, in the complex, dynamic and ever changing world that we live in, there are certainly a vast majority of topics to explore that frankly deserves just as much awareness as any that you might have chosen. We’re thankful to you for choosing to focus on Africa. You highlight not just the negative aspects, but also shine light on the great richness of the continent, because of this choice, you are helping to create a greater appreciation for African history and culture. You’ve given our audience a unique experience that goes beyond just watching your films, a piece of Africa is etched into their hearts.


Thanks to Supporters

We are thankful to our supporters who have helped spread the awareness of our platform far and wide reaching many more supporters. We are thankful to the media, sponsors, the great city of Dallas for embracing us. Our supporters are the reason that we are still standing strong. Our pledge to you is to continue to focus on meaningful films about Africa and to continue to support our filmmakers who have made the choice to create such films by having them premiered at TAFF. As we move on to 2018 festival year, we continue to need our supporters to help spread the awareness, donate and by becoming our sponsors.


Thanks to our Volunteers

We are thankful to all of you for standing by us, some of you have reached out to us to give us a measure of your time, we understand that you have a choice on how you want to spend your time and resources, however you choose to come to our screenings and events and also volunteer. Because of you, we are now in our third year, with a resolve to be better than ever. We are thankful to you and urge you to continue in your unwavering support.




TAFF welcomes sponsors. An effort such as this is not without strong collaborators and supporters who share our vision. Please contact us if you would like to be a sponsor. TAFF welcomes volunteers. Volunteers are a vital part of The Festival and volunteering comes with many privileges, including ALL ACCESS PASS to all our events. Volunteers have opportunities to help shape the event, making it a memorable experience for our filmmakers and attendees. In exchange for your time, you are given the opportunity to attend ALL Festival events, including After Parties and Behind the Scene activities.


Join us for TAFF 2018 Master Acting Class by one of Africa's best, Sir Richard Mofe Damijo.


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TAFF is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that focuses on films addressing Social, Economic, Ethnic, Political, Religious, or Health issues that affect Africa.